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A brief introduction

My name Olav Peuscher. I am a creator. I love to create digital products, to work on music, physical products and electronics.

Within Label305, the company I founded together with Joris Blaak, Xander Peuscher and Thijs Scheepers, we create digital products for clients. Translating raw ideas to elegant digital products is what keeps me busy and challenges me.

Besides creating digital products, I love to work on physical products and electronics. As a hobby, I build HiFi equipment for own purposes, work on bikes, musical instruments, and create several other artifacts.

Making music has always been a passion for me. After playing in the cover band Tune Inn, which I started with Daan Wirtz, the band has been evolved into the recording collective Bricks for breakfast. Within this collective, I am one of the producers and, not least, I play the keys.

I have master degree in Industrial Design Engineering, and propaedeutics in Mechanical Engineering.

Audio products

A selection of DIY audio products I crafted over the years.

DIY 2-way Seas speakers

Self made floor-standing loudspeakers based on SEAS drivers, Mundorf and ClaityCap caps and Jantzen coils.

These speakers produce a transparent but warm sound in a stylish designed case with oak wooden front. The speakers contain 5kg sand each, and inside there are several compartments for damping, reflexion and bracing purposes.

Minimalistic analoque amplifiers

Self made pre-amplifier with matching mono amplifier. This pre-amplifier was designed to switch channels and control the front-, center- and subwoofer speakers seperately with one master volume.

The mono amplifier is based on the LM3886 chip, has a nice 125W toroidal transformer and produces a transparent sound for the center speaker.

Sleek center speaker

Very sleek center speaker designed for midtones, matching my floorstanding speakers. This small speaker really looks beautyful under the tv, without demanding too much attention.

The speaker was made of two plates mdf and a oak wooden front. All speakers are Peerless drivers.

Expandable HiFi amplifier

Expandable LM3886 based HiFi amplifier. The amplifier can be extended to 3 LM3886 ic's parallel per channel. The amlifier was awarded second place during the amplifier of the year 2010 at forum.zelfbouwaudio.nl.

3-channel Gainclone amplifier

My first DIY amplifier. It is based on three LM3886 chips, a 500w toroidal transformer and a nicely build power supply. The amplifier features three channels of 65 watt each. I used it as one amplifier for powering the front- and center speakers.

Yamaha SK20 overhaul

Being in search for a cool organ, I found a Yamaha SK20 that could have some love and care. I build a new wooden case from scratch, repaired broken knobs an circuits and it looked better than ever before. The sound was not what I was looking for in the end, so I sold this synth.

Digital work

A selection of digital projects I worked on over the years.

This is not my complete portfolio. Within this section, only hobby projects, or digital products where I was the lead designer or developer are shown. For a complete overview of products I worked on, check the portfolio page of my company Label305.

EP cover Bricks for Breakfast

For the Bricks for Breakfast EP Distraction we needed an EP cover. I came up with an idea to use different pastel colors, used as lines in a way that it distracts where to focus on.
Besides the lines being distracting, the cover had to have a warm feel.

EP cover Bricks for breakfast

For the Bricks for Breakfast single Glutenfree philosophy we needed a cover. Since the track is fooling with people's online behavior, I came up with a kind of Hipster fake beer-ish cover, capturing some of the topics mentioned within the song.

80s cover Bricks for breakfast

This is a cover for our 80s album that is in progress right now. This album will have an 80s vibe, and so dows te cover.

Keeping UX and UI

For Label305's product Keeping, I am one of the main UX engineers for the application. I did a lot of work on the settings and the timesheet. My goal is to make te application elegant, friendly and as simple as possible.

Website Label305

For my company Label305, I did a lot of design and implementation of our website. Besides design and implementation, I created a lot of artwork and did most of the photography.

Website Bricks for breakfast

For my recording collective Bricksforbreakfast, I designed and implemented a simple Jekyll based website. The website is fully responsive.

Website Erna Baltussen

For Erna Baltussen uitvaartbegeleiding I created a new website, based on the corporate Identity I made acouplke oy years ago. The website is a simple Laravel based application, with a custom front-end admin. The header image was taken during autumn in Enschede. The website is fully responsive.

Keeping logo

For Label305's product Keeping, besides being one of the main developers/UX engineers, I designed the Keeping logo. The letters were designed based on an existing font, but more symmetry and geometry was added. The green shape represents both an open wallet (money) as a folder (ordering).

Bricks for breakfast logo

For my recording collective Bricksforbreakfast, I designed a simple logo that represents the name: two bricks on a plate, the ideal breakfast ;)

Fluke Power Quality Analyser study

During my education, I did a bachelor assignment for Fluke, which incorporated a case study for a new type of Power Quality Analyser. One big part of the case study was to create a new design and implement it as a CAD model, for 3D printing of the concept.

Abstract Christmas Card

For my company Label305, I made an abstract but happy Christmas card, to send to our customers.


A selection of different artifacts I created over the years.

Oil painting

Painting made with oil-paint, decorated by a simple but stylish self made oak wooden frame. There is not a real story behind the painting, except the orange colour being inspired by sunset since I love the view of sunset. The colours were blended making use of a trowel, adding some warmth to my living room.

Fast city bike

When my second hand Koga Miyata bike was looking bad after 12 years of use, I upgraded my old bike with new parts, nice wheels and a fresh paintjob.

All unneeded mounting points were removed, creating a simple and minimalistic frame.

Bolts and nuts Bike

As a present for a friend's graduation, I welded this bike together from nuts and bolts. Jelle Kuster did most of the design and I practiced my welding skills.

Fluke Power Quality Analyser SLA model

During my education, I did a bachelor assignment for Fluke, which incorporated a case study for a new type of Power Quality Analyser. One big part of the case study was to create a new design and implement it as a CAD model, for 3D printing of the concept.
This is the 3D printed, and painted concept I made.


Lets keep in touch

You can always contact me at olav@label305.com. But you can also have a look at the digital products we create within Label305. Curious about the music I create with Bricksforbreakfast? Have a look at bricksforbreakfast's page.